Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Windrow 09-01

Howdy! We just created a new windrow in the back field which will ultimately be the home of the whole operation. It is windrow 09-01, shown unfinished, upper left. It includes uncooked parts of our original windrow, which Matty and I are digging into in the photo below. We will move this older pile to make room for a road out to the field. Much of the pile is finished and will be screened for our first sales! The road will be a welcome development for Taloulabelle the Tractor and me. It is still mud season in the Northeast Kingdom.


  1. Go Taloulabelle!! Matty looks absolutely enthralled...nothing like compost and machinery to make a little boys day :-)

  2. Can't wait to see Matty running that thing! Tomorrow?