Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wise Worm's Mission Statement

On May 23rd, the membership Board met to discuss, among other items, an educational mission for the organization to qualify us as an L3C. In an amazing and dynamic 20 minutes, nine of us collaborated to create the finished mission statement for Wise Worm Composting:

Wise Worm Composting educates communities to create a sustainable practice of diverting 100% of compostables from the waste stream.

Our hope is that collecting food waste and converting it into soil will be only one of the ways that we influence communities' choices. Whether people choose to start their own home composting for their garden, or work with us to seperate their compostables for pick-up, what's important is that we collectively produce less waste and more soil.

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  1. Way to Go, WiseWorm! We will follow your progress and development as a company...Congrats on this venture!
    The Folks at